Straight Talk Promo Codes 2015

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There are many different cell phone plans who all pretty much sell the same product, however, there are variations to the way their products are sold. more

While the plan structures are pretty much the same, the main difference of any one of these given companies is that there is always different specials, especially on their online stores. There is no exception to the way the Straight Talk cellphone company runs their business. Although their website offers cell phones, various plans, and even other services, there are also specials that can easily be found when visiting and purchasing from this particular website. Aside from the many different phones that can be found here Straight Talk also provides different plans for every budget, home phones, and also downloadable applications and a few other services that gives the customer even easier communication accessibility.

Straight Talk Promo Codes

$30 Off Orders $99+

$30 Off Orders $99+
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Free Overnight Shipping On Orders Of $29.99+
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Ends Soon has a variety of different phones that are available for purchase along with a new plan. Although these phones all have different functions and capability (based on phone design and technology), the type of plan that is purchased will determine the kind of cellphone that is available to the customer for purchase. Aside from buying cellphones, also has the option of buying a phone that can be used in either a business or a residential environment. While the price range varies on any of these phones the low end technology phones will usually run a whole lot less than say a cellphone that has touchscreen capabilities and includes several of the more common and modern apps such as mp3 players, cameras, and other mobile apps. Basic phones that are available include flip phones and phones with basic technology.

Of all the cellphone providers that offer communication services throughout the nation when compared against other phone plans Straight Talk offers the best deal no matter what type of plan. Although there are still plans available that offer the customer the two most commonly known plans that Straight Talk has to offer is the data plan which includes access to the web, unlimited text and unlimited talk. The other plan that is available is a bit more limited in its features but nonetheless gives the customer 1000 anytime minutes and texts. One thing that should be noted is that all the plans that Straight Talk has to offer can be manually refilled using a Straight Talk card found at almost all major retailers. But that is not the only way: Straight Talk also allows automatic refills on all customer accounts.

Aside from their data plans and other calling features that are provided at straight talk there are a few other services that allows any customer to customize their mobile device and even insure the phone so that should anything happen where the phone needs to get fixed, the customer can easily get it done. another nice and handy service that Straight Talk provides is a store where any Straight Talk customer can go and purchase several different apps, ringtones, and other things of this nature. The wide variety of ringtones and apps range over a span of different genres and categories. If there is a need for a phone upgrade there is no need to worry because the Straight Talk team also makes it easy to upgrade any phone through the website. Sim cards, exchanges, and questions and answers also available.

In conclusion, offers several goods and services that makes it easy for any customer to fulfill all their telecommunication needs. One nice thing that the Straight Talk company offers on a regular basis are specials on many different kinds of cellphones. While they offer mobile phone plans, also offers home phone service that is similar to that of the mobile data plans with the difference of no data, just calling. The home service features international calling and is even low in price. Phones and phone plans are not the only offered services and products though. Straight Talk promo codes prides itself in offering warrantied products, a store that features many different apps and ringtones, and several other features and services. One service that is worth pointing out is that they allow customers to exchange any phone that has been damaged.

Tracfone and Straight Talk Wireless: A Comparison

Tracfone and Straight Talk Wireless: A Comparison 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote


Cellular phones have become a ubiquitous part of daily life for most people. Aside from the obvious ability to talk on them, they are also beginning to replace MP3 players and portable computers. It used to be that anyone wanting to have cellular service had to commit to long and expensive contracts. The advent of pay-as-you-go services like Tracfone and Straight Talk Wireless have eliminated being tied down or having to pay expensive penalties for early contract termination. Additionally, they have achieved this level of freedom without compromising many plan features. It pays to be informed, so let’s explore the pros and cons of each provider.

Tracfone vs. Straight Talk: Service Plans

As the largest and most prominent provider of contract-free cellular service, Tracfone is able to offer competitive packages at attractive rates. The basic monthly service plan starts at a slight $10 and includes 30 minutes of talk airtime that expires at the end of 30 days. Data is not included in any of Tracfone’s plans and must be added separately. Conversely, Straight Talk’s most basic service plan costs more at $30, but includes an impressive 1000 talk minutes and 30MB of data transfer which may be enough for basic web tasks like checking email.

At the other end of the scale are comprehensive year-long plans. Tracfone has several in this category while Straight Talk has only one and the features and prices differ substantially. Tracfone’s top plan includes 1500 minutes, one year of service for $199.99 without data. Straight Talk’s top 365-day plan has unlimited nationwide talk, unlimited text, and unlimited data, but for a substantially higher $495. Ultimately it appears that Straight Talk offers more features for the money, at least in the lower packages while Tracfone looks to be a nicer deal for upgraded service plans.

Tracfone vs. Straight Talk: Phones

Both Tracfone and Straight talk provide phones or allow customers to use their existing phone. Like most cellular companies, they have a wide selection of handsets. Tracfone’s offerings are a mixed bag of moderate size with fairly even spread between touch screen, button, and full QWERTY keyboard models from familiar major brands like Motorola, LG and Samsung. Straight Talk has phone offerings with the same relative spread of features from the same big brands, but the selection is more than three times larger and includes Apple iPhone models.


Tracfone and Straight Talk offer numerous service plans and options for a broad array of budgets and usage needs. Choosing the best one for you will mean evaluating how much time is spent talking, how many texts are sent, and how much data transfer is used. By comparing your usage patterns to the available packages, you can make the right choice between these two popular cellular service providers.

Remember to visit our Straight Talk promo codes section for the latest offers.

A new Straight Talk Review

A new Straight Talk Review 4.33/5 (86.67%) 3 votes

Straight Talk Wireless Review

Straight Talk Wireless is one of the many options for cell phone service in the United States. It offers customers the option of using prepaid wireless service at a highly affordable price in a few different ways. Individuals can purchase a SIM card that allows them to use their own unlocked smartphone or a phone directly from Straight Talk, which is a service that is exclusively available at Walmart department stores.

Phone Choices

Phones are available either brand new for a reasonable price or as reconditioned for a much cheaper price. Some examples of smartphones that are sold by Straight Talk include the Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone 5 and the Huawei W1 with Windows Phone 8. When a customer wants to obtain a SIM card, there are requirements that the phone intended to be used must meet. It can either be an unlocked GSM phone, a CDMA phone that is compatible with networks like Verizon Wireless or MetroPCS or a T-Mobile compatible device.

Service Plans

The service plans offered by Straight Talk Wireless are quite affordable, starting at only $30 per month. There is an auto refill option for every plan that allows the user to renew their service after its duration is up. There is the $30 All You Need plan that includes 1,000 nationwide talk minutes and text messaging and 30MB of data, the $45 Unlimited 1 Month plan that offers unlimited nationwide minutes, texts and data and the $60 Unlimited International plan that includes unlimited nationwide and international talk minutes, unlimited nationwide texts and unlimited data.

In addition to the 30 day plans, Straight Talk has three month, six month and annual plans as well. For $130, the Unlimited 3 Months plan includes unlimited nationwide talk minutes, text messaging and data. The Unlimited 6 Months plan costs users $255 and includes the same services, while the Unlimited 1 Year plan is much the same but costs $495.


All of the plans are good for saving the user money on their cell phone service. Although the plans may seem limited, they offer a good value, especially when in comparison with other wireless networks across the country. Performance is favorable, but it is not possible to use Straight Talk service outside of the United States. Customer service tends to leave much to be desired as customers tend to rate it on the poor side. Make sure you visit our Straight Talk promo codes section too!

Straight Talk Review

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As an ongoing customer of Straight Talk, I can gladly say that I’m more than satisfied. I’ve been a happy customer for almost two years and I’ve never been disappointed. Straight Talk was such a blessing, especially when I didn’t feel like dealing with contracts that bound me for two years or more with other phone companies like Verizon and AT&T. I didn’t want a contract, and I sure didn’t want to pay for data for a smartphone either. I knew it was time for a change, and I went for it.

I was introduced to Straight Talk by a friend who used the same service and had been for some time. I decided to go to the website and browse the available phones. Most were standard phones, but there were a few smartphones, too. I bought an android smartphone for a very appealing price and got the phone in the mail not long after. I was incredibly excited to have my first smartphone and the price to keep it running was cheaper than my previous two-year contract with an overpriced phone company. I was much more than pleased.

For unlimited data, talk, text, Internet, and picture messaging, all I had to pay was $50 a month. I could choose to set up automatic payments or I could do it all online every month. Plus, I don’t have to wait an extended amount of time if I want to upgrade. If a new smartphone comes out, I can just buy it. I don’t need to wait for a certain contract to expire.

Sure, it is perceived that many TracPhone services have bad signals and don’t continue to be in good, working condition. This is false. Everywhere I go, my phone has a signal. It never fails, and when it does, I’m usually in a dead zone. Dead zones make the phones of bigger, more popular phone companies fail as well, so I’m not going to complain when those phones have the same reaction to dead zones.

My phone has never stopped working properly either. Every phone has their glitches, but to fix that, the phone just need to be restarted. The same goes with pretty much every other device known to man, like tablets, MP3 players, computers, etc.

Straight Talk sells a lot of phones and some of which have big brand names. My phone was made by LG. Yes, an LG smartphone with a micro SD slot for extra memory, fantastic speed, great apps, and a whole lot more is available for sale with a TracPhone service. Straight Talk has provided me with a better experience. I’m not being hassled by phone company associates anymore and I don’t need to pay a fortune to have a modern phone that has unlimited everything. I pay $50 a month. There are no hidden fees and I’m not broke. If not for Straight Talk, I’d probably be buried in debt that would take some time to repay. It’s safe to say that Straight Talk will be my number one phone service. I see no reason to go back to regular phone companies when this is just as good, if not better.

Straight Talk Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Straight Talk Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

What is Straight Talk Wireless ?

Straight Talk Wireless is a prepaid cell phone service which allows people to pay as they use their phone rather than being required to sign a contract. Straight Talk Wireless has no credit checks, no age restrictions and no setup or activation fees.

How Do the Plans Work ?

The plans offered by Straight Talk Wireless are prepaid monthly plans that the individual must pay for up-front. Afterwards, the person has full access to their specific plan for the entire month until their next bill is due. If service is disconnected, the person may simply refill their phone with a monthly purchase plan to resume service.

What Types of Plans are Offered ?

There are two plans for Straight Talk Wireless: $30 All You Need Plan with 1000 Minutes & 1000 Messages plus 30MB of data or the $45 Unlimited Plan with Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages & Unlimited Mobile Web Access. If need be, there are also three other unlimited plans for talk, text, multimedia messages and web access for 90, 180 or one year.

What Types of Phones Does Straight Talk Wireless Offer ?

There are a variety of cell phones offered by Straight Talk Wireless, most of which are manufactured by Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and LG to name a few. Some phones are designed in the candy-bar style, flip phone or slider-style; meanwhile there are also smartphones available through Straight Talk Wireless. The typical features of the phones offered are camera/video features, touch screen, QWERTY keyboards and many other popular features.

What is the Coverage with Straight Talk Wireless Like ?

There is international coverage for calling as well as international text messaging should the person choose that supporting plan. There is also no roaming charges that occur with Straight Talk Wireless. The area for basic coverage varies on whether or not the person is using an Android-operated handset or a non-Android handset. The individual will need to research their specific Straight Talk coverage area from the Straight Talk Wireless Coverage Map.

How Do I Get Started ?

To get started, one must first pick their desired Straight Talk Wireless cell phone. Next, the person may choose either to keep their original cell phone number or to receive a brand new number. Lastly, the individual may go to with a Straight Talk coupon or call 1-877-430-2355 in the US to activate their cell phone and choose a beginning cell phone plan to start with.

Where can I find Straight Talk Wireless ?

Individuals may either navigate to the Straight Talk Wireless website available at or they may also find Straight Talk Wireless cell phones at their local Walmart store. Once the individual has acquired their Straight Talk Wireless cell phone, they may set up their service by activating it online, calling the 1-877-430-2355 number or may also set up the service with a retail associate available at the Electronics section in the individual’s local Walmart store.

Straight Talk vs Boost Mobile

Straight Talk vs Boost Mobile 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

The opportunities of portable electronics have greatly changed over the past few decades. Technology is advancing so quickly that every year new phones with new features are being developed and new plans are being created to support these electronics. While almost every person has a desire to take advantage of the new technology available, very few are satisfied with the higher rates of service plans. In fact, many individuals find themselves spending hundreds of dollars each month simply to own a cell phone that allows them to talk, text, and access the Internet. Fortunately, the demands of consumers to find lower rates have been answered through opportunities such as Straight Talk and Boost Mobile.

With the opportunities these two services provide, a cell phone owner can significantly reduce their monthly bills by taking advantage of a no contract policy. Contracts have a tendency to lock individuals into a high cost service for years with no escape beyond paying high cancellation fees. With the solutions of Straight Talk and Boost Mobile, their no contract plans can often match or surpass many of the options that are provided by standard contract services. The only question left when taking advantage of these unique opportunities is determining which service best supports your needs.

Straight Talk

There are many advantages of utilizing Straight Talk. This company offers many different types of phones and also supplies you with the opportunity to transfer your existing phone onto their service. When looking to take advantage of this service the most popular plans are found with the $30 and $45 plans.

With the $30 plan, an individual can access 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, 30 MB of internet, and calls to 411. If you are an individual who utilizes their cell phone in a limited capacity, this can be a money-saving plan for you to take advantage. The other option available is the $45 plan which covers unlimited minutes, texts, mobile web access, as well as unlimited calls to 411. This is a unique unlimited plan that can easily match some of the larger companies offering the services for hundreds of dollars.

These are two 30 day plans you can take advantage of that requires you to invest in new service cards each month. Keep in mind that applying a card prior to the 30 days will often result in you losing days of service since these plans do not carry over.

Boost Mobile

The other option you have available with contract plans is Boost Mobile. This company helped to revolutionize the no contract plan since they offer only unlimited services to all their clients. The most popular plan Boost Mobile offers is the Monthly Unlimited, which allows for unlimited talk, text, and web for $50 a month. What makes this company unique is that it provides a shrink payment plan where every six months of on-time payment, you can reduce your service expense by $5. This means after 18 months of on-time payments you will have the ability to own an unlimited no contract service plan for an incredibly low $35 per month.

When you are looking to find the best no contract plan for you, take advantage of Straight Talk or Boost Mobile services.

Straight Talk vs Virgin Mobile

Straight Talk vs Virgin Mobile 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote
With the price of everything increasing in a faltering economy, people are looking for more ways in which they can save money. This includes cell phone plans as being locked into a two year contract with one of the major wireless carriers can really add up over time. A great alternative is a prepaid plan through a prepaid network. Two of the best options are Straight Talk and Virgin Mobile. If you are considering switching to one of these, it is worth comparing the prepaid plans they offer so that you can choose the best one for you.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk can be obtained through Walmart or with a Straight talk promotion code. It offers a variety of different service plans, all of which are prepaid. This means there are no contracts that you are locked into, and you can use as much as you need. Straight Talk offers a plan as cheap as $30, which is dubbed the “All You Need” plan. With it, you will receive 1,000 nationwide call minutes, 1,000 nationwide text or picture messages and 30MB of data for surfing the web on your phone. There is an auto refill option available as well.

• If you prefer going monthly, there is a $45 per month plan that offers unlimited calling, texting and data. For individuals who engage in regular international calling, the next option is $60. However, texting is relegated to nationwide access only.

• Finally, the most expensive prepaid plan from Straight Talk is the Unlimited 1 Year, which is $495. Everything – calling, texts and data – is unlimited, and there is an auto refill option.

Virgin Mobile

• Virgin Mobile has great plans that are called “Beyond Talk Unlimited.” The cheapest is $35 per month and comes with 300 talk minutes and unlimited messaging and data. With the $45 per month plan, you receive 1,200 calling minutes and unlimited messaging and data, and the $55 plan provides you with everything unlimited across the board.

• Virgin’s PayLo Talk and Text Plans are designed for individuals who rely heavily on strictly talk and text. The plans are $20, $30 and $40 per month. The $20 plan offers 400 talk minutes, 15 cents per message and $1.50 per MB of data. For $30, you can get 1,500 talk minutes, 1,500 messages and 30MB of data. Meanwhile, the $40 option provides you with unlimited calling and texting and 50MB of data per month.

Generally speaking, if you are a heavy user who relies on all three wireless services, your best bet is the Straight Talk annual plan for $495. It provides you with everything unlimited all across the board as opposed to the $40 per month Virgin Mobile PayLo plan that is slightly cheaper at $480 per year but offers only 50MB of data.